Dobilas Advisors

Every business has opportunities for growth and improvement. We can help by suggesting new ideas and methods that will make a difference that's noticeable.

    New Business Development - Do you want to expand your business? Add new services? Reach for new opportunities? All things are possible with the right planning. We'll help you make it happen and realize your dreams.
    Reporting System Design & Development -An online reporting tool is an excellent way to have critical business information available at your fingertips. We can design and develop a web-based database and system that will manage and maintain all of your business data, and provide comprehensive reporting abilities. Whether you are managing information on sales, inventory, services rendered or any other business data; being able to provide this information to your client as needed, when needed, will set you apart from your competition. And this type of reporting can be all-important for you during your annual year end accounting and in helping to determine future strategies and planning.
    Best Practices and Process Documentation - Whether you realize it or not, all businesses use process to keep things running smoothly. Let us help you identify and streamline what these are and see a noticeable change.
    Business Tracking and Reporting - Are you watching your bottom line? Keeping track of the numbers? The "big-picture" sometimes get lost in the day-to-day running of a business. We can help you step back and take a look at where you are, where you've been and where you're going.
    Efficiency  & Effectiveness Coaching - Let us help you look for ways to make improvements, both small and large, that will leave your business running more smoothly than ever with less stress for you and your employees.
    Image & Brand Consulting - The perception of your buiness is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients. Your Brand is your signature and your Image is your handshake that speaks to the impression you will leave with your clients and customers. Two important factors to always keep in mind.

With the vast amount of information available to us all, it's important to every business to stand out and be noticed. We'll help you devise an affordable strategy that will bring the focus to your business. From attracting new clients or connecting to existing ones, from New Product Launchs to Special Sales and Promotions, we'll use the right tools and technology to help meet your goals. Listed below are just some methods we can use:

    Email promotions and campaigns using online tools such as Constant Contact for maximum effect
    Print Advertising
    Magazines and publications
    Pamphlets, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards

If you're planning a Grand Opening, an Open House, or Cocktail Party to say Thank You to your best customers, we can make sure that the event is planned, organized and orchestrated beautifully.

    Event Planning - It's the details that make all the difference in any event. We can work with you to plan an event that will make people delighted that they came and one that is hassle-free for you.
    Customized Invitations - for your special event, you'll want to convey a welcoming and enticing invitation. Customized invitations, suited for your unique event, will set the stage for a memorable occasion.