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From Linda Rashba, President Hudson Valley Home Matters
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Hudson Valley Home Matters has worked with Barbara Dobilas since March 2012 on a number of projects to improve our website and promotional materials. She has developed a keen understanding of our mission as an “aging in place” organization and has represented us on many occasions by marketing to our target audiences. She is a true professional, whose work has given us excellent exposure in newspapers, flyers, and website redesign. She is organized and creative in her approach to problem solving and meets and exceeds deadlines.

I truly appreciate all of the fine work you do, Barbara, and how well you relate to so many personalities in our organization! Thank you Barbara!

From Catherine Cusumano, Licensed Acupuncturist, New York & Highland Mills, NY
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I was looking for a way to update my website that would give me control over the content at all times. The graphics were great and I didn't want to change that, I just needed to be able to add and change content whenever I wanted without having to run it through someone and pay an hourly fee.

I spoke with Barbara at Dobilas Associates about my intentions and she made it happen. I have all the same beautiful graphics and layout I had before. But we've added new photos, new drop down pages and new content. When I see a typo, that I made, I can go into my program, correct it and I'm done. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Barbara is professional, attentive and patient. I am no computer wiz and I did manage to screw up my "unscrew-able" page. It was fixed in a day and it really was service with a smile. I'm deeply grateful for Barbara's guidance, assurances and commitment to making my website what I imagined it could be. Thanks so much.

From Tammy Valk, Member Relations Director at the New Britain-Berlin YMCA, New Britian, Ct.
The New Britain-Berlin YMCA is very pleased to have chosen Dobilas Advisors to develop and host our new website. Being a non-profit organization, Barbara was sensitive to our situation and appreciated the good work we do for our community and she gave us an excellent quote to develop a brand new website.

Barbara and her team have been absolutely wonderful to work with and the communication from the start of the project to completion has been outstanding. Step by step, Barbara clearly and efficiently explained the process, development and implementation of the website in a manner that was easily understood. I cannot say enough great things about Barbara. She is organized, professional, creative and is always so helpful. Her caring and compassionate nature has left a lasting impression on me and I truly appreciate the personal touch she added to our conversations. Her customer service approach is exemplary!!!!! I would highly recommend Dobilas Advisors to any organization in need of website services.

From Bilmar Nurseries, Pleasant Valley, NY
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I had never built a web site, and had no idea what was involved! Being a farmer and a self-taught computer blunderer, Barbara was very patient with me to say the least! It took me a long time to gather the information and send it to her. Barbara would send subtle hints to keep me moving so we could achieve our going Live date!

In all, Barbara is a true professional working hard to attain her client's goals. She was a pleasure to work with, a kind and caring person! Thank you Barbara, for everything!

From Bill Fioravanti, Associate Executive Director at the Middletown YMCA, Middletown, NY
It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that we acknowledge the painstaking work that Barbara Dobilas and her talented development team underwent to create this sophisticated yet user-friendly web site.

The scope of our organization, including its programs, services and ever-growing network of Members and supporters made this project a stiff challenge. However, as we have learned, Barbara is a special person as well as the utmost professional. She and her team were able to organize, design and construct this fabulous new site which will serve our YMCA and our Community for many years to come. Thank you for everything, Barbara!

From The SmilePlace, Middletown, NY
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Doblias Advisors is the way to go when it's time to build your web site. They are easy to work with, very professional, and extremely accommodating. They work well with their clients, taking the time to know the person, not just the business, and then incorporate personality and professionalism into the site.
Thank you From The SmilePlace Team!

From James Sweetman, President, CRS Refrigerant Solutions, Marlboro, NY
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I wanted to tell you that Dobilas Advisors did an awesome job with my Client Reporting System. The completed project was not just what I had was so much more! I'm extremely impressed with the systems capabilities and functionality. It's far more than I had ever imagined; simply brilliant!

I can see that our continued relationship with Dobilas Advisors will bring the high level of professionalism that my emerging company has so badly needed. You delivered and then some; clearly a professional. And, the kind of professional that will continue to be part of my company's continued growth and success. Thanks for being first-rate.

From Dr. Maria Perri, Chiropracter & Founder, Wellness Springs, Highland Mills, NY
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I’ve been a Chiropractor in private practice since 1984. In 2000 I expanded and opened a multi-disciplinary Wellness Center which includes a full Day Spa and Yoga Studio.

In 2007, Barbara came on board to assist me with all aspects of Marketing, Advertising & Administrative Best Practices. Simply put, she is a get-it-done person. She helped me define my goals and put together an action plan of implementation. Her keen insights helped guide me through a process of organizing and prioritizing.

Foremost, we worked on enhancing our image in the community. We revised and standardized all of our many printed advertisements, forms, brochures, schedules and hand-outs so that all of our literature and advertising presented an upscale and professional image. Her graphic eye is outstanding. She took the time to understand what I really wanted our image to convey and she nailed it. Then we continued to convey our new image by updating our website and most importantly enhancing our web presence. Barbara knew ways to optimize our placement on search engines. This service alone was invaluable to my business!

I knew that I needed to create an organizational board and have training manuals and a manual of standard operating procedures for all of the positions in the office. Honestly, it was such an overwhelming task that I avoided it. Every time we had a new employee I wished that we had it and the cycle continued. It took someone with Barbara’s organizational and writing skills to help me accomplish this task. Now that it is done, updates are easy and new employee training is a breeze.

We even gave the entire facility a “face-lift” and made the space beautiful and inviting to customers. Often times, Barbara proposed recycling existing items as we uncluttered and beautified our space.

We have been working with Barbara for over 4 years now. Our stats are up 20% over last year and morale in the office is better than it has ever been. Our office is more beautiful than ever, even my basement is organized… I have worked hard laying a foundation with Barbara that I could not have done without her. This foundation will allow me to continue to grow my business and have more free time for myself, which was a key goal. Honestly, I only wish that I could have had the opportunity to have Barbara on my team years ago. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She will help you define your individual business goals and get things done faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

From Sr. Debbie Blow, Executive Director, North Country Mission of Hope, Plattsburgh, NY
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Barbara first became involved with the North Country Mission of Hope in 2009 and since then, has made dramatic improvements to our website. First she made the overall site more professional and easier to read and navigate. Then she added new sections that are designed to make it much easier to upload new content. This enabled our Leadership Committee to provide current news updates to keep our supporters more informed of all the good things we are accomplishing for the poor in Nicaragua.

And she is only getting started! Future plans include implementing an eCommerce shopping cart application allowing us to accept donations on line and in the future, to sell branded material online. In addition, she is adding a "Mission Chronicles" section with content provided by recent missioners. Barbara's knowledge of Internet marketing techniques and search engine optimization has led to increased views of our website and increased donations. She is a pleasure to work with and we are very lucky to have her talents supporting our mission.

Barbara has also participated in several mission trips to Nicaragua and is actively engaged in The Orphan Project, working to help orphaned children in Nicaragua. Read Barbara's blog at: My Mission Chronicles

From Michelle Bauer-Roth, Jewelry Designer, Bead All You Can Bead, Highland Mills, NY
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I found Barbara Dobilas to be professional, knowledgeable and patient. Also, she was able to work within my budget. As a small businessowner who is new in business, that was very important to me. I highly recommend her for all your Email marketing, advertising and website neeeds.

From Rev. Thomas E. Margrave, Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Cornwall, NY
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Barbara Dobilas is one of the most creative and brightest people with whom I have ever worked both in my previous vocation in the military and now as a priest. She takes immense pride in what she creates to get a message across to a wide ranging audience and she continually improves the product. She is detail-oriented yet innovative. I recommend her highly.

From Elizabeth Popovich, Director, American Red Cross, Orange & Sullivan, Goshen, NY
Barbara's organizational skills filled an important systems gap and helped create consistency in the volunteer training program during a time when the plan was in a critical developmental stage. A consummate professional and compassionate colleague, Barbara successfully combines tenacity in achieving goals with an appreciation for the individual needs of the team. As a result, she works diligently on each project balancing efficiency with empathy so that the team as a whole succeeds in its objectives.