Technology Management

We have the capabilities related to managing an organization through the lens of Technology teams and culture.

Consumption Data Acquisition Data Governance Data Quality Data Architecture
Is there a Data Demand Process that consumers of data use to define what data they need? Are the Data Interfaces defined between the strategic data repositories and the source data systems? Is there a Data Management Policy defining data principles, standards, governance and procedures? What are the Critical Data Elements for each business process? Is there an Information Model for the organization?
Are there Consumption Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between the consumers of data and the providers of data? Are there Source System Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between data sources and strategic data repositories? What are the Strategic Data Repositories? What Data Elements are being measured?  Which are not being measured for data quality? Do you have a current state and Target State Data Architecture?
Is there a formal Book of Work which is published periodically to ensure data needs by consumers are focused in priority order? Is there a Data Acquisition Process to define, test and implement changes to data interface? Who is allowed access to what type of data?  Who are the Data Governance Officers and have they approved access on behalf of the business?  What types of Data Quality Controls (completeness, accuracy, etc.) are defined and how frequently are they tested? Do you have a multi-year Data Roadmap that gets you from your current to your target-state data architecture?
Not all data processing flows are equal.   Do you have Data Flow Classifications to ensure the most important flows are prioritized? Having an effective and disciplined Data Operations Team that can also serve as data subject matter experts (SMEs) What are the Authorized Reference Data sources? How is data quality monitored?  What Data Quality Scorecard metrics are used to show improvements over time? Ensure the use of Data Standards via program and project architecture reviews
Consolidating to standard data sources will highlight Inconsistent Business Processes.   Learn best practices to deal with these situations.  The importance of a Change Management Process to include upstream system changes that may impact data that has already been acquired   How are Data Quality Issues tracked, fixed, closed and reported on? Architecture Design Principles that should be part of your organization’s development culture