Data Management

End to end data management capabilities starting from a consumer’s data request through delivery via an efficient and governed process.

Developer Perspective Production Environment Delivery Skills Leaderships Skills People Manager Skills
Understand the importance of Documentation and how big a difference it can make over time Establishing KPIs (Key Process Indicators) to measure the stability of your production environment Do you manage your team like a business by implementing a Monthly Close Process? The finer details of translating technical deliverables into Business Impact Statements Have you set goals outlining the most important Leadership characteristics to set the tone for the culture you want?
What do good Business Requirements look like? What type of controls do you have around Change Management?   How looking at the frequency of changes can help drive cost efficiencies. What Delivery Management skills do you need which lead to successful deliverables and lower risks of failure? The importance of holding Team Meetings and the topics to be covered The importance of One-on-One Meetings as well as two-down meetings
What are the thresholds of User Acceptance Testing ?  Do they really have testing scripts? Do the support organizations have Production Support Playbooks? The importance of having an Executive Focus and how you should respond to executives. What topics should you cover in a Town Hall?  Best practices for a better outcome. Do your employees have a Technical Training Plan?  Are they keeping up with the fast pace of technology changes?
What type of Stress Testing should be done?   At what point does your code fail? The benefits of Release Notes both to users and to the technology organization Is everyone clear on who is responsible for doing what and when?  Do you have an Accountability Model? Learn the importance of having a proactive approach to Deliverable Awareness and value The Technical Manager to People Manager Path.  Learn how to help managers who were promoted due to their technical skills but now find themselves managing people.
How to track Testing Issues and are they really showstoppers? What Post Production Activities should you do?  Best practices to reduce post release “noise” The process of listening and using approaches like Mind Mapping to be more successful Establishing a Leadership Team.  Learn the positive impacts of doing so. Best practices of Dealing with Team Conflicts that arise