Architecture Governance

Have the capability for effective and optimized Technology Architecture ensuring ongoing alignment with technology standards, compliance with architecture policies and procedures and timely fulfillment of key technology strategies.

Application Portfolio Technology Portfolio Policies and Procedures Architecture Reviews Key Partners/Interactions
Why you need an Application Inventory to understand what technologies are being used and how to optimize your environment Who is responsible for Technology Domain and setting the standards? Best practices of a domain owner. Do you have a documented Architecture Policy which is updated annually? Best practices to ensuring projects have Alignment with Roadmaps Real life advantages and disadvantages of an Enterprise Architecture Council
How many applications do you have that support a particular Business Function(s)? How many applications are running on End of Life Software which must be remediated before support vendor runs out? Do your Procedures align and support your Architecture policy? Ensuring the value of Technology Standards are understood and followed What value does a Chief Data Office have?
Do you have a Business Function Roadmap showing which applications need to be maintained, are strategic, or are going to be replaced/retired? How many applications do you have that are running on software that is no longer supported and has reached End of Vendor Service? Do you have effective Control Points to measure compliance with your procedures? Learn the value of having Business Architecture Reviews Working with Technology Infrastructure organizations
How many Application Retirements are past due? How many times are planned retirement dates changing and why? What vendor products do you need to purchase Extended Support Contracts for to continue receiving security patches? Ensure you have published Technology Standards that tell your organization what technology you DO and DO NOT want them to use The challenges and best practices for effective Technical Architecture Reviews Learn the importance of a strong relationship between Technology Engineering and Architecture both at the grass roots and management layers of the teams
Understanding which applications have Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? Or which applications are Business Critical? How to establish a Tech Mandatory program to ensure budget dollars are secured for environmental upgrades Integrated multi-year investment strategies into your Technology Roadmaps to improve alignment with business funding during the budget process The value of having Peer Reviews both for you and your peers Ensuring you get support from the organization’s Chief Technology Officer