Business Management

We have the capabilities needed to manage an organization through a business lens.

Financials Organizational Design Human Resources Staffing Performance Management
How to Forecast your organizational expenses incorporating cultural approaches in the larger organization Ensuring Roles and Responsibilities are clearly defined and up to date Do key roles in your organization have up to date Succession Plans? What positions are better suited for Employees vs. Consultants? How to conduct effective Performance Reviews?
How to prepare a budget cycle. Learn best practices to Budgeting approaches. Do you have an effective management structure with the right Span of Control? How to handle Ethical Issues. How far is too far? What are the pluses and minuses of On-shore vs. Off-shore resources? What are the Leadership and Delivery Based Goals you want in your organization?
Understand the current and multi-year impact of P&L vs. Cash expenses Determine how many Positions are needed to meet your organizational objectives Effective tips on Navigating International Cultural Differences How do you build a Talent Pipeline? Do you have Performance Metrics and Scorecards?
How do you manage a Monthly Financial Close process? Learn best practices to update your organizational structure to incorporate Funding and Strategy Changes Understanding the advantages of Diversity as a manager What Hiring and Interviewing Practices do you have? How effective are new hires? What is your Compensation and Promotion philosophy and process?
Do’s and Don’ts of managing your Financials Manager versus Individual Contributors responsibilities and approach to managing Understanding gender, race and age Unconscious Biases to improve performance What is the value of Interns and how can they impact other members in your organization? The value of Employee Improvement Plans