Business Solutions

Dobilas Advisors provides program management and communication services as well as technology solutions for your business needs.

Program Management Communication Websites Mobile Applications
Keys to an effective Program and Project Management Practice The importance of Branding and consistency through all communication channels


Effective Website Design that solidifies your internet presence with eye-catching design, impressive functionality and high-performance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Application Design solutions for building an effective Mobile Application


Learn Business Process Design and Optimization skills to ensure the most efficient and effective use of resources


Having a strong Social Media plan and improving your internet presence and search results!


Website Development, when a 5 minute “Build your Own” solution doesn’t do it


Application Development resources to build the custom solutions you want


How to build a Reporting Automation solution and why it matters


How to create effective Marketing Campaigns Dependable and cost effective Hosting Services that maximize your site’s uptime while protecting you from malicious actors


Having an effective Escalation Process and Reporting discipline which identifies and addresses bottlenecks to delivery


How to do Email Communications using best practice tools readily available


Domain Registration to obtain and maintain ownership of your URL


Identifying and prioritizing issues as Showstoppers How to use Newsletters as an effective communication channel to get your message out


Global Technical Support services